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Greutate0.5 kg
Dimensiuni1 × 1 × 1 cm

Black, Blue143, Brown102, Brown104, Gray, Red115

Marime curea

100 cm, 105 cm, 110 cm, 115 cm, 120 cm, 75 cm, 80 cm, 85 cm, 90 cm, 95 cm

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Color code: BLACK
Leather type: Creta
Leather thickness: 3.6mm – 3.8mm
Belt width: 3.9 cm
Buckle diameter: 6.1 cm
TO REMEMBER! We can combine any leather model with any buckle model. If you want another leather combination, please specify in the order note the desired color according to the color code.
Each belt is handmade from a single layer of leather being completely unique, which means that there will be NO two belts in the same way. The final product you receive may be slightly different from the photos shown in the list due to the natural qualities of the leather.


It is made to order, according to the real size of your waist. Please make sure that you have selected in the order the measured size as in the image presented below, and NOT the total length you want for the belt.
We will make your belt with 5 holes, and the size selected in the order will be at the middle hole of the belt.


DELIVERY – Shipping is made by express courier, in approximately 5-7 working days from the date of order confirmation.

The products are delivered accompanied by the fiscal invoice, guarantee certificate and gift paper bag.

Please note that Nichita products are made to order only from natural leather, not in stock, according to the specifications configured by you – color, leather type, size, buckle / metal accessory – so you are fully responsible for the image ‘the final product. The products made to order are not serial products, they are handmade and come into execution at the express request of the customer, which entails the impossibility to return the product.


Nichita product warranty

The commercial guarantee of Nichita products is of 30 calendar days from the possession of the purchased product / products.

Each product sold by Atelier Nichita benefits from a guarantee of conformity according to the provisions of Law 449/2003 updated in 2008.

In accordance with art. 11 of Law 449/2003, the consumer may request in case of lack of conformity, first of all the repair of the product, and if the repair is not possible, the conformity is made by replacement. If neither repair nor replacement is possible, the value of the product is refunded.

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Each belt is handmade, from a single layer of leather being completely unique, which means that there will be NO two belts the same . The final product you receive can be very different from the photos presented in the list due to the natural qualities of the leather. Thus the uniqueness of each product is complete

#Vegetal Tan Leather is finished by natural processes, long lasting, but with very beautiful results. Vegetable tanning involves the processing of the skin with the help of ingredients from natural origin, without chemicals.

This tanning method is environmentally friendly, but also expensive. It can take up to two months for a vegetable tanned skin to reach its final appearance, and tanning takes place using traditional techniques with specialized personnel. The leather thus obtained is more beautiful and resistant, but also expensive. Another important aspect is that this skin is completely bio-degradable and does not cause allergies, as is likely to happen with chemically tanned skin (with chromium salts).

The vegetable tanned leather from which the #Nichita accessories are made needs only a little care to keep its unique characteristics for a long time. Vegetable tanned leather is a living material, in time, it will acquire a unique patina because it absorbs natural oils and will be polished by repeated handling.

Full grain leather – top grain leather – is the upper layer of skin from which only the hair has been removed, not undergoing any mechanical or chemical processing to change the texture. At a closer look you can see the skin pores as well as some small defects or scars that the animal suffered during its life, as a result each skin is unique in its own way.


Buckles and metal accessories are made by centrifugal casting and individually finished in our own workshop, made of Sn-Sb-Cu alloy, called Britannia Alloy or Lead Free Pewter, of the best quality, according to the European Norm no. 1907/2006 on the content of Lead, Cadmium and Nickel in jewelry.